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Musical composition created as a tribute to all I lived through the disease of Montse Álvarez (the composer´s wife) who was hospitalized for a month in May 2017 on the seventh floor of Infanta Cristina Hospital, in the town of Badajoz. It is dedicated to the nurses, assistants, doctors and fellow “green pyjama” patients on the same floor, family and loved ones.

That adversity
Is the same as mine,
The same as yours,
Without her knowledge,
In silence.
And while it seems to be winning the game
It becomes my ally
It becomes your ally


Letter from the composer.

I present you with this new journey. For approximately a month my wife was hospitalized due to a health problem.  As of today she is completely recovered and moving forward. 

What we lived was so intense….. I would venture to say that we ended up  reinforced and full of gratitude.
All the musical ideas you can listen to in this  sonic journey were shaped among the rooms, corridors and else on the seventh floor of Infanta Cristina Hospital in Badajoz. Even the ambient sounds belong to recordings made with my mobile while I was moving around the place.

The truth is that it has been a tough job to put up since, after all, you do not feel like going back to those terrible times once you have left them behind. And yet, once I have finally finished it, I feel so much better for having been able to overcome the stress these situations provoked and return to my “handcrafted” composing.

This piece of work is my way of taking advantage of these difficulties. I have tried to put into music all I lived and felt. The architecture holds a lot of simplicity and conceptual clarity. I hope this journey  strengthens you whatever the difficulties you are going through. Have a good trip!

David Álvarez
Alburquerque, August 1st, 2017

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